How to submit to Kairos

Kairos publishes twice yearly. Each issue explores a theme chosen by the editorial board, and also features the best general interest reporting and analysis generated by Journalism and Media Studies classes.

Spring 2018
The Cosmopolitans

Our spring 2018 editorial theme will be “The Cosmopolitans: How New Jersey’s new Americans are reshaping the culture of the state.”

We probably still remind outsiders of the Sopranos, and the shore. But both markers are out of date. Whites of European ancestry are leaving, while Asians and Latin Americans are moving in (and everyone is fleeing the shore). About 6 percent of New Jersey’s white-identifying population – some 350,000 people – has left over the past decade, while more than 450,000 Latin Americans, and 230,000 Asians, have arrived. In the next issue of Kairos, we’ll look at how this demographic shift is changing the ways we live, think, worship and work.

We look forward to submissions from JMS undergraduate classes. All work should be submitted through a professor.

General Interest Stories

We also aim to feature the best articles, analysis, photography, video and data journalism our classes develop, on any topic likely to be of interest to a state, national or global audience. We encourage professors to submit their students’ standout pieces, even if they don’t relate to the issue theme.


The best time to submit a piece is toward, or just after, semester’s end. We’re always eager to feature good stories.

Beyond this, the final deadline for submissions to the fall 2018  issue is May 11, 2018, at 5 p.m.

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