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An artist interprets the Gaza war


About the Author

Yazan Mohammad

Professor: Neal Bennett
Class: Digital Media Production

The genocide in Gaza has made these past seven months incredibly challenging for me, as a Palestinian-American. While it has been difficult to juggle classes, activism, and basic self-care, whatever struggle I experienced is incomparable to the pain of those who fight everyday just to survive. I was fortunate to learn from my friend Deena Jahama that she was going to be making this art project, and I thought it would be a great piece to feature in my news video. My takeaway is that the importance of community cannot be overlooked. I could not have made this piece without Deena's incredible art, the amazing interviews I got, friends and family who always encourage my advocacy for Palestine, and a great teacher and TA who assisted me. This is not my project; it is all of ours. Free Palestine.