The Way We Live Now
Post-pandemic trends

Ciarra Zatorski

Hometown: Rahway, New Jersey Professor: Karyn Collins Class: Reviews and Criticism Takeaway: As the driving force influencing consumers' thoughts and decisions, advertising drew divisions between the desirable and undesirable, the credible and the deceptive, and more importantly, the ideology that governed society. Ads have played on classic stereotypes of what was meant by "masculine" and "feminine" in ways that we often fail to notice. In recent years, though, several rebellious brands have challenged the traditional gender schism, by portraying gender as a fluid ideology. Through writing this piece, I learned that gender fluidity has yet to become a general phenomenon across the fashion industry, the boundaries that once divided genders continue to be pushed.


Ads Blurring Gender Boundaries

One of the most important ways we identify as human beings is through our gender. What happens when that's no longer clear?

More Teens Going Under the Knife

Subjected to the heightened pressures of beauty, and a culture enveloped in social media, photoshopped advertisements and reality TV, teens have turned to cosmetic procedures to modify their "flawed" features, and to feel more comfortable in public.