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Danielle Bruno

Twitter: @danibrunyo Hometown: Pleasantville, N.J. Professor: Mary D'Ambrosio Class: Writing about Social Issues Takeaway: This experience really opened my eyes to the intricacies of soil and water contamination. It taught me the danger of growing certain crops, and that you should use raised beds of soil because certain plants can uptake heavy metals. It also taught me to be more critical of state environmental regulations, and to ask government officials questions. The public is entitled to know about environmental contamination sites, and as bleak as the New Jersey toxic scene is, people should know the situation.


Why New Jersey Soil Could Be Making You Sick

With thousands of New Jersey children sickening from lead poisoning every year, some university scientists are zeroing in not only on corroded pipes and industrial dumps, but on a substance called “biosolids,” or “sewage sludge”.