The Way We Live Now
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Joey Lupo

Twitter: @lupofiascjoe Hometown: Shamong, N.J. Professor: Todd Wolfson Class: Media, Movements and Community Engagement Takeaway: Producing this video opened my eyes to the terrible working conditions that undocumented workers are subjected to in this country. Although I was aware that workers are treated unfairly, getting the facts from an actual victim of wage theft really made the reality sink in. I hope this story brings awareness to the fact that business owners get away with taking money from their workers. The project was a challenge because I do not speak fluent Spanish. I had to work carefully with a translator to make sure the subtitles matched perfectly. However, it was good experience, as I’m sure I will work with more translators down the road.


Silenced by Fear

Employer violation of overtime pay laws costs U.S. workers as much as $50 billion per year -- but many are afraid to complain, out of fear of losing their jobs.