The Way We Live Now
Post-pandemic trends

Kayla Brantley

Twitter: @kay_bee11 Hometown: Somerset, N.J. Professor: Mary D'Ambrosio Class: Travel Writing Takeaway: As scary as change can be, there's something thrilling about a change in style. That's what I was in for when I decided to meet my Instagram idol for a haircut. His popular social media page is full of likes, yet he chopped my hair in a way I've never seen. I learned that hairstyles look better on Instagram than on my head. But I also learned that life is too short to get hung up on a bad haircut -- and that it's just a person behind that Instagram picture you tap twice.


Vilma’s Telenovela

In which a the scion of a rich Guatemalan family falls into disgrace and is banished to another country – but turns her misfortune into victory

The Problem with Badderall

Kayla Brantley looks into ways students abuse the "smart drug" Adderall.