The Way We Live Now
Post-pandemic trends

Olivia Crane

Hometown: Monroe Township, NJ Professor: Teresa Politano Class: Digital News Reporting and Writing Takeaway: Writing this piece forced me to confront the reality happening around me. Before interviewing my father -- the only member of my household at that point who’d had any regular contact with the outside world – COVID was an abstract concept, a scary shadow lurking just outside my view. Talking with my dad about his experiences revealed this new reality to be a lot less scary than my mind had conjured it to be. Ultimately, writing this piece taught me the importance of journalism in uncovering the realities of a world we may be unable to see firsthand. While journalism is often meant to highlight the scary realities that people try to ignore, it is also a tool to show people the manageable and far less frightening realities of the issues that keep them up at night.


The Man Who Brings the Masks

My dad says his two open heart surgeries have steeled him for the essential work of delivering supplies to medical workers Cardboard boxes of surgical masks. Long shiny boxes of rubber gloves. On a normal day,...