The Way We Live Now
Post-pandemic trends

Roger Wang

Hometown: Basking Ridge, N.J. Professor: Regina Marchi Class: Media & Social Change Takeaway: I've learned a bit about the logistics of researching a journalistic paper, by delving deeper into materials that already piqued my interest in order to find their connection to themes discussed in class. The process also served as a means of introspection. As coronavirus disruption epitomized real-time, real-life applications of class concepts, I was given a jarring wakeup call about the relevance of such matters, and promptly a second one, with the ensuing chaos after George Floyd's death. But perhaps the biggest thing that I learned is how the preservation of our democracy and liberties is a neverending process. And unlike in the pages of a textbook, it can't be neatly contained in the past.


Culture Jamming and the New Normal

Beyond social distancing and DIY haircuts, a fed-up nation may no longer be willing to tolerate unbridled corruption and complacency As faith in our journalists reaches an all-time low, the post-truth information age is marked by...