The Way We Live Now
Post-pandemic trends

Sarah Essa

Twitter: @saressaa. Hometown: Edison, N.J. Professor: Todd Wolfson Class: Media, Movements and Community Engagement Takeaway: Writing this essay, I felt frustration, disappointment and just plain sorrow. As a first-generation Egyptian-American, it's not easy reflecting on an issue that resonates with my identity. I'm a child of Arab and Muslim immigrants, speak the same language as those being demonized and am best friends with children of refugees. I hope this essay will encourage people to get in touch with their humanity -- and that one day I'll be able to sigh with relief that Syrian refugees -- all refugees -- can go back to the homes they know and love, without fear of having to flee again.


Misplaced Terror

What possesses the American people to be so close-minded and arrogant as to believe that we could never be in this situation?