The Way We Live Now
Post-pandemic trends

Sophia Angelica Nitkin

Hometown: Linden, N.J. Professor: Mary D’Ambrosio Class: Magazine Writing Takeaway: As a singer-songwriter and creative activist, I felt it necessary to tell the stories of struggling musicians who are finding ways to share their music during the pandemic. While writing this story, I noticed the many similarities between all of us, and discovered our shared humanity. Musicians who have a true passion for music make their voices heard during this time, whether it's on the balcony of a building or a global online platform, and those who are struggling are able to get back on their feet as a result. I was able to uncover the healing power of music during a time where life seems to be taking a wrong turn, and the way a world can come together through art even if we are social distancing. It was truly inspiring, and solidified the reason that I have been doing this for so many years as well: to inspire and help through music.


When Musicians Lose their Audiences

Performers are coping with canceled gigs by shifting to streaming services When I got a text message from our band leader that all of our gigs had been cancelled, it was a suspension of momentum and...