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Sophie Nieto-Munoz

Twitter: @snietomunoz Hometown: Old Bridge, N.J. Professor: Mary D’Ambrosio Class: Global News Takeaway: I feel that freedom of the press is crucial to a functioning democracy. During the election, I heard President Donald Trump bashing on the media a lot, as he still does, and I wanted to show what can happen when media is held back. I learned a lot about what can happen when the media is not working to its full potential and freedoms. As journalists, we never want to be in a position where we withhold information out of fear or questions over our ethics, and I believe this paper shows what will happen if we start to go down that path and lose some of our democracy. This research really solidified the importance of the first amendment for me, and reminded me that the press truly is the Fourth Estate. Democracy cannot function if those in power can't be held accountable.


How Corruption Hurts Argentine Journalism

Argentine journalism faces problems of government infiltration and corruption. But there are ways to address this -- and journalists should not be afraid to uphold their responsibilities.