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Taylor Robinson and Julia Ventrone

HOMETOWNS: Taylor is from Montvale, N.J.; Julia is from Manalapan, N.J. CLASS: Global Journalism in Bologna, Italy PROFESSOR: Mary D'Ambrosio TAKEAWAY: The chance to visit Bologna, with its rich food and lively culture, was a dream come true. Through our interpreter, we were able to meet and interview many passionate Italians who are strong believers in pacifism and anti-war efforts. Though many of our sources were well past retirement age, their passion, ambition and energy for what they believed in hadn't faded in the slightest: they remained very much involved in the fight. Their vivacity was beautiful to see.


Italians hate this war — and are demanding their government stop arming Ukraine

Italians vividly remember the devastations of war – and older residents in particular are calling for the Russia-Ukraine conflict to end. The consensus among older peace activists is that Italy should avoid sending weapons to Ukraine....