The Way We Live Now
Post-pandemic trends

Fall 2016

My Napoletano Lesson

Reconciling my American, my Italian and my hard-to-verbalize identities

“The World Was Silent While We Died”

The author's father tells her a story of living through Biafra's effort to separate from Nigeria -- and of attempts to stamp out their Igbo people.

They Jumped From the Roof. Could I Find Out Why?

What was hidden inside an enormous human factory that generates such great business success -- and so much unhappiness?

Goodbye to Paradise

The wrenching journeys of Muslims forced to choose between homes they’d know all of their lives, and an unknown land imbued with visions of freedom and independence, have mostly been forgotten.

Where the Water Stopped Flowing

To discover a country torn apart by civil war and genocide, with the resources to build, but using them instead to destroy, is mobilizing.

Values of the Guatemalan Poor

I value all of the time we spent with the journalists and human rights activists who taught us the importance of the social justice issues they are fighting for. But the greatest thing I learned from my study abroad trip to Guatemala last spring was the meaning of humility.

My Epiphany at the Shopping Mall

My disdain for the mall stemmed not from the mall, per se, but from the way it stood for the harmful systems of racism and classicism disadvantaged Guatemalans face every day.

Vilma’s Telenovela

In which a the scion of a rich Guatemalan family falls into disgrace and is banished to another country – but turns her misfortune into victory