Chicago teachers' striking in 2012. Fewer millennials seem interested in joining unions, in part because they’ve not seen what unions can do for them. Photo by Atomazul.

(Dis)organized labor: why millennials don’t unionize

Fewer than 5 percent of working people ages 16 and 24 belong to a union. Is that because they can’t get into one – or because they think they can do better as sole operators?   Labor unions...

Homeless? Step to the Side

Police are segregating the ticketed from the ticketless in Newark’s Penn Station     Michael Williams sat drinking a small cup of coffee he’d bought with the change a few generous people...

Jasmine Al- Hourani (left), husband Suliman and daughter Falak were among the first Syrian refugees resettled in Italy as part of a special humanitarian effort led by private religious groups. Photo by Roman Gerus

Humanitarian Groups Resettle Refugees in Italy

They briefly considered the more dangerous Mediterranean crossing. But reports of the many deaths on the sea kept them away. Then their luck improved: a humanitarian initiative run by Italian...

A Conversation at Work

Juan looked like just another maintenance man. But he had big dreams.     As I stumbled into work that morning as an intern at a real estate development company, I learned that I would be...

My Hair Was Cut by an Instagram Star

Would $300 buy me glam, and Internet fame?   His online name is Salsalhair. His Instagram bio reads:  “Sal Salcedo, Mex • SF • LA • Benjamin Salon Arts District • Changing the world...

Photo by Heidi Rewell

The Overwhelming Whiteness of Fashion

You can find diversity discussions practically everywhere — except on the runway.

Photo of me (right), with my sister (top) and two cousins (bottom and left)

Mixed identity

I am typically cast for jobs that require an “ethnic” look, but never for those that call for “gorgeous” “cool” or “the classic American beauty.”   I was born with dark, thick,...

Consumers are victimized by an unrealistic industry, the author argues. Photo courtesy of Flickr creative commons.

Fashion Has a Plus-Sized Problem

The average woman wears clothing sized 16 to 18. But the fashion industry won’t get with the program.

Preparing a campaign to protest violence against women. Photo by Karen Eliot

Killing them Brutally

One woman’s quest to publicize femicide in Central America — through hip-hop   The Mayan women and girls of Guatemala in their traditional clothing bring vibrant color to the streets....

Western companies, especially fast food companies, were shockingly ubiquitous, and have been able to dominate the market by making a case for their cultural supremacy. Photo by Nour El Hoda Seleem

Colonizing through Cuisine

What an average Big Mac Meal costs. Western franchises reinforce the global north’s supremacy, with overpriced fare that many in the post-colonial world cannot afford.   I was in a van with 10...