Why Should We Learn English?

Why Should We Learn English? There are many reasons why learning a new language is a good idea. Meeting new people, communicating easily, understanding new cultures more deeply, seeing the...

Photo by Sade Ford

Does Street Art Belong in a Museum?

A controversial exhibition stirs passion among artists and curators The tall and firm columns, porticoes and romantic colors of Bologna are a clash between modern and medieval. As you admire the small...

Bologna native Giovanni Pelagalli traveled around the world to collect artifacts of broadcast history, and features them in his eponymous museum.

The Multimedia World of Giovanni Pelagalli

The wind-up record player his father brought from Africa and Marconi’s invention of the radio inspired an ex-broadcaster to found a communications museum of his own. Viva Pelagalli from Kurt...

Tortellini is Bolognese specialty. Photo by Scott Feldstein

Secrets of the Pasta Makers

A family of sfogline — as the pasta dough-making natives of Italy’s Emilia Romagna region are known– let us in on how it’s done