Belonging in America
An elusive dream


Running and Recovery

Laura Cisneros lost her best friend in a racecar accident, then her mother to cancer. In grueling obstacle course races, she tried to work out her grief.

Surfers Rushed in, After the Gamblers Fled

Beleaguered Atlantic City develops a surprising second life as a surfing mecca.

Amanda Autore Had a Different Idea

After Amanda Autore suffered a traumatic brain injury, her chemistry professor suggested she leave the major. "That was a slap in the face," Autore recalled. Instead, she established the first Rutgers club for students with disabilities. "I can still go and get my Ph.D. if I want to," she said. "Which I do."

The Problem with Badderall

Kayla Brantley looks into ways students abuse the "smart drug" Adderall.

An Unhealthy Passion for Healthy Food

In attempting to be the healthiest person I could be, I was destroying my health, my mind and my life.

More Teens Going Under the Knife

Subjected to the heightened pressures of beauty, and a culture enveloped in social media, photoshopped advertisements and reality TV, teens have turned to cosmetic procedures to modify their "flawed" features, and to feel more comfortable in public.

Battling the Body

The dancer Olivia Miranda talks about how obsession with body image dominates her field.