Eat Your Peas

The Making of a He-Man Vegan

It’s not hard to follow a vegan lifestyle, proponents argue: it can be as automatic as learning to drive.     Rushil Patel was a normal red meat-eating kid when he fell under the...

Alternate Planes

Smoking and Spirituality

Dhairya Bhatia faced down identity crisis by finding a deity in curls of smoke.   Out of his mouth came a steady stream of smoke, as cool as a cloud of breath in the dead of winter. The gas...

Barely There

My Dad on Smack

I have a lot of good memories of my dad, from when he was clean. But those memories are mostly drowned out by the bad ones, from when he was high. The only time I saw my dad cry was at the end of 8th...

Reefer Madness

From Killer to Healer

  The use of marijuana has been prohibited for quite some time in the United States.  From the early 1940’s onward, marijuana users have been mainly viewed as criminals. This perception has...

Boy or Girl?

Ads Blurring Gender Boundaries

One of the most important ways we identify as human beings is through our gender. What happens when that’s no longer clear?


Dressed by Dali

From a painting featuring cosmetics powerhouse Helena Rubinstein in a Balenciaga gown. Photo by Graham Vivian Sutherland. Picasso, Velasquez and other Spanish artists continue to exert pull over what...

Gratuitous Plots

What's Love Got to Do with It?

  Scriptwriters do themselves — and their viewers — no favors by forcing romance into places it doesn’t belong.  

Not All Tango

How Corruption Hurts Argentine Journalism

The sun shines on this massive South American country, as people cheer on their soccer team, sip their early-morning mate and walk to their local store to pick up a new batch of empanadas and to...

Bad Rap

Hip Hop's Forgotten Civil Rights Fight

More associated with civil rights than misogyny, the new hip hop is helping lead the black lives matter movement.

Muslim Quandries, Part II

Putting on the Hijab

My decision to put on the headscarf wasn’t just a symbol of fidelity to my religion. It also represents defiance against Islamophobia: It’s a demand for justice for marginalized...