The Way We Live Now
Post-pandemic trends

Spring 2017

Silenced by Fear

Employer violation of overtime pay laws costs U.S. workers as much as $50 billion per year -- but many are afraid to complain, out of fear of losing their jobs.

Putting on the Hijab

My decision to put on the scarf was no longer just a symbol of my fidelity to my religion. It also represents defiance against Islamophobia, and a demand for justice for marginalized communities.

“We Belong”

A Rutgers campus organization to support undocumented immigrants balances traditional organizing tactics with social media campaigning -- as its president is threatened with deportation.

My Unveiling

How would I dance like the other girls, with my hijab on?

Chinese Americans Rally for Trump

Several hundred supporters gathered at Trump Tower in New York City to push for the candidate they thought would represent them best.

Misplaced Terror

What possesses the American people to be so close-minded and arrogant as to believe that we could never be in this situation?

Hip Hop’s Forgotten Civil Rights Fight

More associated with civil rights than misogyny, the new hip hop is helping lead the black lives matter movement.

How Corruption Hurts Argentine Journalism

Argentine journalism faces problems of government infiltration and corruption. But there are ways to address this -- and journalists should not be afraid to uphold their responsibilities.

What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Scriptwriters do themselves -- and their viewers -- no favors by forcing romance into places it doesn't belong.

Dressed by Dali

Picasso, Dali and other artists continue to exert pull over what modern men and women wear.

Ads Blurring Gender Boundaries

One of the most important ways we identify as human beings is through our gender. What happens when that's no longer clear?

From Killer to Healer

U.S. attitudes on marijuana have changed dramatically. In the 1990s, 81 percent of Americans were against marijuana legalization, but now, 53 percent support it. Times sure have changed!

My Dad on Smack

I have a lot of good memories of my dad, from when he was clean. But those memories are mostly drowned out by the bad ones, from when he was high.

Smoking and Spirituality

An Indian-American struggling with identity crisis finds a deity in curls of smoke.

The Making of a He-Man Vegan

Rushil Patel moved from meat-eater to vegan and animal rights activist. "It's a journey," he said.