Bad Rap

Hip Hop's Forgotten Civil Rights Fight

More associated with civil rights than misogyny, the new hip hop is helping lead the black lives matter movement.

Muslim Quandries, Part II

Putting on the Hijab

My decision to put on the headscarf wasn’t just a symbol of fidelity to my religion. It also represents defiance against Islamophobia: It’s a demand for justice for marginalized...

Muslim Quandries, Part I

My Unveiling

How would I dance like the other girls, with my hijab on? I did not start wearing hijab because I especially wanted to.  But I didn’t want to disappoint my mom, so when I started high school, I...


"We Belong"

A fast-growing Rutgers campus organization to support undocumented immigrants balances  traditional organizing tactics with social media campaigning —  even as its president is threatened with...

Refugee Hysteria

Misplaced Terror

A Syrian refugee mother and her newborn child, stranded in Jordan. Photo by Russell Watkins, for the UK Department of International Development. What possesses Americans to be so close-minded and...

They Love Him

Chinese Americans Rally for Trump

In the runup to the 2016 presidential election, several hundred Chinese immigrants and Chinese-Americans rallied in front of Trump Tower, in support of then-candidate Donald J. Trump. “To deal...

Wage Theft

Silenced by Fear

Employer violation of overtime pay laws costs U.S. workers as much as $50 billion per year — but many are afraid to complain, out of fear of losing their jobs. In this video report, New...