Guam based U.S. B-B1s based in Guam fly toward North Korea. U.S. Pacific Command via Flickr cc

Guam: Island Paradise in North Korea’s Line of Fire

Guam-based U.S. B1 bombers fly toward North Korea, as part of a training exercise. Photo courtesy of U.S. Pacific Command Though 2,100 miles away from North Korea, the lovely tropical island of Guam...

BAPS Robbinsville Photo credit: BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha via Wikipedia

God in the Kitchen

Volunteers at one of America’s largest Hindu temples equate cooking with divine service Each morning at 9, dozens of volunteers gather at a spectacular Robbinsville, New Jersey Hindu temple, to bake...

Egypt the Pariah

Cairo called the world’s most dangerous big city for women In Egypt, the problem of misogyny is an open secret. Nearly all women report having been sexually harassed – and Egyptians in the West...

Afro-Caribbean singer Betsayda Machado performs for Venezuelans in Queens, New York - Photo by Brittany Gibson

Venezuelan Refugee Parties

They’ve gathered to dance – and to reminisce. Podcast: The Migrant CrisisYou’re Not Reading About(5:45 minutes) “This music makes me cry a lot, because it reminds me of home,” said Adrien...

Rally in memory of Anna Politkovskaya-photo by Vladimir Varfolomeev-flickrcc-edited

Protecting Foreign Journalists

With thousands of journalists being tortured and murdered for reporting the news, it would be inhumane for Americans to stand by and do nothing. Journalists in the United States rarely have to worry...

A diorama by Ashley Pinnola

The Diorama Designer

My sister Ashley Pinnola loves crafting, and doing DIY projects . In this sequence Ashley, 23, designs a miniature space. — Valerie Pinnola