The Way We Live Now
Post-pandemic trends

Spring 2024

AI comes for education

Can it make us better?

Jeans, tracksuits and self-expression

  How hybrid work is changing corporate style Since New York...

Why so many college students are single

In 2020, Pew Research found that 41 percent of...

Gender-affirming care expands in New Jersey

Though at least 22 states have restricted LGBTQ+-related health care this year, such provisions are protected under New Jersey law.

Librarians defend our right to read

Books about race, gender and sexuality are targeted Video Story:...

Seeing violent news can increase anxiety, fear and desensitization

Hate crimes against minority groups are also reportedly on the rise

How Gaudi helped shape Barcelona’s aura

The architect's passion for nature and color set the tone for a modern design city

Searching for “sobremesa”

Her mission: learning to savor life