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Hip Hop’s Forgotten Civil Rights Fight

Hip Hop’s Forgotten Civil Rights Fight

More associated with civil rights than misogyny, the new hip hop is helping lead the black lives matter movement.


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Twitter: @megjosephx Hometown: Allentown, PA Professor: Karyn Collins Class: Reviews and Criticism Takeaway: I fused two of my passions in life: covering topical controversial media issues and rap and hip hop music. Our intimate class allowed for in-depth analysis, both from our peers and from the professor. A reoccurring, dominant subject in my pieces was the black lives matter movement, and civil rights issues in hip hop. Police brutality, a controversial U.S. president and friction based on race has characterized the current situation in this country. I believe it necessary to address these issues head on, while simultaneously remaining objective and reporting both sides of the story. While researching and recording this piece, I realized how difficult it is to discuss such contentious topics. But I learned that if you base analysis on truth, statistics, and interviews you can achieve an evenhanded insight: No alternative facts needed.


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