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Anastasia Codjebas

Anastasia Codjebas

The message that I wanted to convey was loneliness. That no matter how extravagant you may look, it will not fill up the emptiness that you may feel at low points in your life. I always come back to working with reflections, because they enable me to explore new ways of seeing myself. When the ideas of loneliness and reflections are combined, you ponder the idea that the only person assured to be with you throughout your whole life is you.

People will come and go, but you will stay, and only you can change yourself, heal yourself, get yourself to where you want to be. I wanted to create a lonesome and longing mood with the photo, because there will always be people and memories I will miss, and never be able to bring back. Feeling this lonely can be a big weight on anyone’s shoulders.




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