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Eliana Rodriguez

Eliana Rodriguez

I wanted to keep my photos raw and stripped down, just me. I thought the sad, frustrated, yet almost expressionless look on my face in this image represented the hopelessness, devastation, lack of motivation and boredom I felt being stuck at home during the pandemic. 

The sleeves framing the photo represent my suffocated/trapped/ boxed-in feelings. To maintain some sense of normalcy I would also put on a bright colored glossy lipstick because I yearned to get dressed up, feel pretty and go out again after so long. 

The movement of the sleeves around me also represents the constant chaos surrounding all of us, while most of us had to be still and try to remain calm inside. The lighting cast shadows under my eyes, which accentuate my eye bags and dark circles, depicting how tired and restless I was. I almost look as if I’m about to cry, and as if the light in my eyes has dimmed.



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