Belonging in America
An elusive dream

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From a bombed-out Damascus home to a New Jersey one-bedroom

Syrian family reflects on their years of trauma and displacement, and on life in the United States.

Children of the last Soviets may be victims of their parents’ dreams

Though the USSR is history, its ideals about child rearing live on.

All their wealth in gold

South Asian women pass on gold jewelry through the...

New Jersey Latinas fight the wage gap

Women surveyed considered the top barrier to better salaries a lack of command of English.

Losing Polish

Bayonne's once-strong Polish-American culture is waning, and more Poles pursue expanding opportunities at home, or emigrate within the European Union

Diving into underground Bologna

How a hidden canal system could lead to a more sustainable future

Young activists pave the way to a unified world

Courage is a tradition among Bologna students fed up with the inaction of institutions

Women’s library key to advancing feminism

Bologna boasts one of Europe's largest libraries of its kind

How the English erased Irish

Centuries of degrading Irish culture, and criminalizing Gaelic, created a country that speaks mainly English

Soap operas and storytelling

A look at novel efforts to nurture Gaelic

The lingering impact of British rule

As Ireland nears its 75th anniversary as an independent republic, the impact of hundreds of years of past British rule can still be felt.

Reviving Irish

After centuries of English domination, only about 2% of Irish people speak their own tongue. But strengthening Irish-language media are campaigning to raise the number.

A book for the ages

Dublin's awe-inspiring Book of Kells is one of the world's oldest

Bologna welcomes Ukrainian arrivals

More than 170,000 Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion have...

How biking connects people to their city

Bologna is one of Italy’s most enthusiastic “bicycle cities” — but cycling advocates want more

When the story depends upon who is telling it

Spanish-language news media saw legitimacy in Ecuador's summer 2022 indigenous protests, while English-language outlets more often portrayed the social movement as violent and dangerous.

Media messaging after the overturning of Roe vs. Wade

Major U.S. businesses used ads and social media to show their support for a woman’s right to choose -- while anti-abortion advocates cast the decision as a "huge win" for human rights.

Whiteness in media: the impact of the white ideal

"We all have suffered from Europe's concoction of racism, and the notion that skin color was somehow related to different kinds of biology. Of course we know now that all humans are the same." -- Walton F. Johnson, professor and director of Africana Studies at Rutgers University

Playing for the disc

Teamwork, camaraderie and the need for a break from academics drive interest in the Rutgers women's ultimate Frisbee team -- on and off the field

The New Campus Tour

Xinyi Qi

The main emotions that my images talk about are...

Georgians’ Silent Suffering

Resorting to separation, emigration and theft to survive In the...

Lauren Lake

This is an image of me on my bed...

Eliana Rodriguez

I wanted to keep my photos raw and stripped...

Linnette Morel

This photo displays the only thing I can do...

Wissam Mukhtar

I made sure to illustrate a very relatable scene...

Anastasia Codjebas

The message that I wanted to convey was loneliness....

Commuting Students Trapped by Soaring Gas Prices

Rutgers University student Kathleen Roughgarden has been living off...

Homeowners Fight to Keep their Nabes Black

Amir and Jada Brown want to sell their family...

Elderly Grow Dependent on Tech

In March, on one of the first warm days...

Day Care’s Financial Challenges

With so many children staying home with their working-from-home...

A Jeweler’s Struggles

"I still have loyal customers — people who stop by and encourage me, and express their support," says Juno Park, who runs a jewelry repair business in New York City.

Why Gen Z Loves Audio Stories

We yearn to connect, to engage, and to have...

Can Podcasts Save Remote Learning?

Podcasts in place of video lectures could help students...

P.E. on Your Laptop

Plastic bags, rolled up socks and chalked lines on...