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Virtual Study: What We Love, and Hate

“There’s something about that lack of intimacy with your professor, and when you’re in an environment of people who are going through the same experience that you are going through, it kind of pushes you to do better.”

“With Zoom, it’s a lot harder to get help, and to perform well.”

“I’m worried that professors … might use the accessibility that Zoom gives them to their advantage.”

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About the Author

Wallace Truesdale
Somerset, N.J.

Professor: Neal Bennett
Class: Digital Media Production

I learned how ubiquitous the student burnout and anxiety for the future is after this pandemic. One can always have a hunch about an atmosphere, but it's different when you have it confirmed so strongly. The big takeaway was that steps need to be taken to show students they are not only being cared about in all of this mess, but also that there's a plan to ease those anxieties, and to encourage students to look forward to education again.